Homemade Headboards – 10 Ideas That Will Inspire You

Homemade Headboards

When decorating our bedroom, we can resort to different decorative styles to begin to shape it. However, and independently of the decorative current that we choose, it is becoming more common for us to bet on giving a personal, different touch and that says a lot about us to our stays.

And if there is one piece in the bedroom that stands out above all the others, that is the headboard that accompanies our bed. So today, proclaiming him the undisputed protagonist of the bedroom, I want to show you a lot of home-made headboards that will surely inspire you if you are thinking of giving shape to yours . Do you want to see them?


home headboards
Source: The cat with a bow tie

Design it in your image and likeness

Do you have an idea or a specific form in mind and there is no way to find it in the market? It is clear that the only way to have that headboard that you idealize is to materialize it for yourself. Do not let it stop you from becoming conventional! And if in any part of the process you need to have an expert hand that helps you with a certain cut or assembly, do not hesitate to ask for it in order to get a perfect result that fully adapts to your idea of beginning.

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Source: Mattress express

Incorporates old doors or windows

A great way and the original sea of getting a home headboard worthy of a magazine image, happens to materialize it through old doors or windows. Keep your original image or bet by personalizing your appearance depending on the result you want to obtain and start enjoying the results with your presence!

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Source: Galán handmade

Customize shape and motive

We can create a simple and beautiful headboard  with a simple base but with an original finish, careful and that says a lot about us. Take, for example, the simple way in which we have obtained the headboard that I show you through the following image. A wooden base in broken white, gives all the visual attention and serves as a great contrast to the painstaking creation that has been developed above . What do you think of the result?

Source: Rue Vintage 74

Home headboards: Less can also be more

The wooden headboards  admit hundreds of variants to go to, but if I give you my sincere opinion, I would say that sometimes, the less history and ornamented you decide it is, the better. The less the rest of the decoration will condition you and the more natural material will shine .

Source: Inuk home

Use cushions

Without doubt one of the most fluffy and comfortable options. Making a cushion headboard  can be one of the best and most comfortable ideas to consider, especially if you are a lover of reading before the day is over . Hang them from a bar and let them fall by their own weight or quilt a board with them. You will have comfort more than assured.

Source: La redoute


Decorating a bedroom with a screen as a headboard  can lead to surprising and striking results depending on the piece you want to incorporate to preside over the bed. Merge it with the environment if your presence you want to stand out only by its presence or bet that it is the discordant note of the decoration of your room . In one way or another, it will not go unnoticed.

Source: Kenay Home

Paint it

If we talk about homemade headers, the idea of materializing it using paint can not be absent. Far was the idea of painting the perfect space that would define a conventional headboard and if not, look at the one I show you through the following image. Do not you find it funny and original?

Source: DecoYcina

And if you knit it?

The macramé is pure news! Incorporate a headboard using it as a curtain and bet to incorporate a fabric color that contrasts with the wall and works with the rest of the bedroom decoration. A result the artisan sea and full of sensitivity.

Source: Craft hubs

From carpet to headboard

Look what a simple change of position can do for your bedroom. This natural fiber carpet has become a plas plis in the undisputed star of the room. Having given him the opportunity to shine with his own light as headboard of the bed has given a great and exotic result .

Source: Apartment Therapy

Use the whasi tape

I never tire of telling you about the possibilities that this material can offer us when it comes to decorating our home. And of course, the idea of shaping original home-made headboards is of course among them.

Source: Kiddult

I hope that today’s reading has filled you with inspiration, good ideas and immense desire to start shaping your personalized headboard! Do you finally encourage yourself to shape yours?