7 Amazing Pallet Bed Ideas

Pallet Beds Ideas
Pallet beds are a good idea to furnish and decorate your house in a creative and affordable way. With a few pallets and a lot of desire, you can have a place to rest peacefully. Find inspiration in these models.

1. Double Pallet Bed

Pallet bed ideas

This is one of the most elegant pallet beds of the network, made up of eight pallets (four on four), to have more height. They were painted a dark color which gives an elegant touch, of course, the rest of the decoration is also very stylish.


2. Single Pallet Bed

pallet beds with headboard

These two individual pallet beds were made after disassembling the pallet and the wood was used for its structure, a pallet is a headboard. Do not you think it has a charming rustic touch ?. It is a youthful and cheerful group.


3. Turquoise Pallet Bed

single pallet beds

The turquoise color of this pallet bed I loved, in fact, it is one of my favorite colors, and I thought that the combination with the paint and the color of the wall was great, do not you think?


4. Limited Space Pallet Bed

large pallet beds

Among the pallet beds we see on the internet this is a youthful and more informal style. An interesting option for an attic where space is limited.


5. Ceiling Style Pallet Bed

hanging pallet beds

These curious beds of pallets hung from the ceiling are a good alternative for when there are many at home or if you have guests.


6. Elegant Pallet Bed

pallet beds marriage

Undoubtedly, a sober decoration and the orderly appearance give it a special touch. This pallet bed is double and its structure is more complicated because it is made with the wood of unarmed pallets. The lining of the back wall combines perfectly and gives it a modern and sophisticated point.


7. Rustic Style Pallet Bed

rustic style pallet beds
This is one of the ones I like the most due to the detail of the drawers in the lower part of the bed. It is a rustic style that respects the almost total originality of the wood of the pallets although these did receive a finish.