20 Amazing Staircase Ideas

Staircase Ideas

Every corner of your home counts to successfully complete your decorative project and, the space under the staircase is a good example of how even the smallest detail can turn the design 180 degrees. Far from what may seem, this area of the house is not only practical, but very attractive when we dedicate attention.

From creative ideas to more conventional ones or, simply, proposals of marked functionality, there is an ideal option for each type of space and style. You just have to take the time to determine what we want to convert this space and get down to work.

To make the task easier, in this article we present a score of fantastic ideas for decorating the space under the stairs, original proposals for all tastes and styles among which, surely, you will find the one that best suits you to your needs.


1. Illuminated and stylish

Corridors and halls of style of Tammaro Arquitetura e Engenharia

Regardless of the dimensions that occupy the space under the stairs, a combination of river stones and original lamps are a perfect choice to decorate with taste, style and without too many complications.

2. A green wall

Hallways and style halls by Estilo Homes

The vertical gardens have gained followers in recent times and are an idea to take into account when decorating the space under the stairs. A green wall will make a perfect backdrop to brighten up this area of your home and you can always complete it with another plant.


3. Storage solutions

Corridors & style halls by FRACTAL CORP Arquitectura

If the lack of space in your home brings you upside down, nothing like taking advantage of what is available under the stairs to turn it into a storage solution. With the help of a  carpenter, you can make the most of a perfectly usable space.


4. Sophisticated nature

Corridors and halls of Art.chitecture style, Architecture and Interior Design Workshop 📍 Cancún, México.

An alternative to the vertical gardens that is just as attractive for the decoration of the space under the staircase are the interior gardens. Lights, plants and even stones as a carpet will give this area a sophisticated and full of charm as you can see in this image.


5. Tea time

Lobby and hallways by Loyola Arquitectos

Are you one of those who can not pass without your afternoon tea? Do you love to enjoy the unmistakable aroma of coffee before tasting it? Then this option is perfect for you: take advantage of the space under the staircase to create your particular tea corner. A table, some chairs and an occasional decorative accessory will be enough to achieve a charming setting.


6. Water mirror

Style corridors and hallways by HHRG ARQUITECTOS

Mirrors are a common resource in decoration and interior design, but in this case, the idea we propose is most unique. If the dimensions allow it, try installing a water mirror completed by some plants, the combination will give a very sophisticated air to the decoration of the space under the staircase.


7. With a lot of art

Corridors and hallways by TAMEN arquitectura

Giving your interiors a certain artistic halo never hurts. The space under the stairs is a scenario as good as any other to include them. An elegant piece of furniture and a painting full of color are the ingredients of the decoration recipe chosen for this area.


8. Breakfast time

Corridors and style halls from FVDB Photography

To enjoy breakfast, do homework or read a good book, in this example the space under the stairs has been used to locate a simple table and a chair looking for the practical sense of the place.


9. Photo gallery

Corridors & hallways by Brett Nicole Interiors

Life is a cluster of memories and, who else and less, reflects them in snapshots to be able to return from time to time to evoke moments, trips, experiences … Place a small gallery with these fragments of your story as part of the Decor of the space under the stairs is an idea that will allow you to add a touch of personality to the design.


10. Coat rack

Style corridors and hallways by M Monroe Design

Chairs, furniture and corners of all kinds often become the final destination of handbags and coats when you get home. A good way to face the mess introducing a practical solution to the design of the home is to make the space under the staircase the scenario of a functional and attractive rack.


11. Symmetrical elegance

Style corridors and hallways by Clean Design

Because everything does not have to be contemporary, here is a proposal of classic style for the decoration of the space under the staircase: search for balance through symmetry and simple lines, dotted with art in the form of sculptures and floral arrangements. Simply, charming.


12. A flirty bank

Style corridors and hallways by Clean Design

The design of your staircase will determine, in part, the possibilities offered by the space that is under it. In this case, the hole is perfect to place a cute bench that seems like the perfect place to enjoy reading.


13. Drawers under the staircase

Corridors and hallways by Marion Rocher

Without converting the space under the stairs in a storage solution to use, you can use it to place drawers like these in the form of furniture that, in addition to allowing you an extra surface to store objects of all kinds, can serve as furniture for television or bookshelf for your movie collection, cd’s books.


14. A decoration with lots of light


If the space under the stairs of your home leaves nothing to the imagination, that is, it can be observed practically from any point of the room, the best thing is to make a nice and careful decoration like this one.


15. The corner of music

Corridors and style halls from Passion Escaliers

Music lovers know well that, on occasion, finding the perfect location for instruments in the home can be a complicated task, especially if we talk about pieces like pianos, double basses or similar. The space under the staircase is ideal for this task, a place to place them without having to sacrifice other rooms in your home.


16. A television

Corridors and style halls from Passion Escaliers

Whether you have one or you have several, the space under the staircase is perfect to place the television, an ideal solution for small houses in which you have to take advantage of every corner to the fullest.


17. A personalized space

Corridors and style halls from Passion Escaliers

If you want to give a personality note to your home but move it to all the decoration it seems too much, take advantage of the space under the staircase. A vintage corner like the one we see in the image is extremely charming and full of style.


18. Zen moment

Corridors and style halls from Cozy Nest Interiors

Seek balance and serenity is a constant in many interior designs so why not use the space under the stairs to get that Zen corner locating, for example, a mystical statue like that of the image?


19. An invisible closet

Style corridors and hallways by Chase Furniture

Having a dressing room is a dream for many of us but reality is relentless and it is not always easy to achieve it. An alternative is to take advantage of the space under the stairs to locate part of your closet. How about turning it into the abode of coats, shoes and accessories?


20. Epicenter of rest

Style corridors and hallways by THE STORAGE BED

The last of our proposals for the decoration of the space under the stairs has to do with rest and is that, if the surface allows it, is an original scenario to place a small armchair like this.